Mortgages from the Ecology Building Society

The Ecology Building Society make lending decisions based on the environmental and social impact of projects including energy use, pollution, saving resources and supporting sustainable communities.

If you need a mortgage for a property or project that will benefit the environment or local communities, you’ll find they are keen to help.

This often means they will consider new or less conventional ideas. Every project is assessed individually.

  • Ecological New Builds
  • Energy Saving Improvements
  • Renovation
  • Conversion
  • Live/Works units
  • Properties built using sustainable material

For more information visit: or call  0845 674 5566 or 01535 650 770


Mortgages through Hanley Ecology Building Society and BuildStore

BuildStore provides specialised finance packages to help you build your dream home. BuildStore has developed a new concept in self build mortgages which gives you the positive cashflow you need to ensure your project runs smoothly. These specialist mortgages can be used if you are building a house or if you are renovating, converting or improving an existing one.

With BuildStore’s advance stage payment mortgage, payments are made in advance of the major costs and with up to 85% of the costs released, you have to find a much lower amount of money from your own resources. This means you are in a much better cash flow situation than if you were using a traditional self build mortgage and therefore have much more control over whether or not to stay in your own home during the build.

Key Features:

  • Up to 85% of the land purchase
  • Up to 85% of the build costs
  • Stage payments in advance
  • Stay in your own home during build
  • No interim valuations
  • No bridging loans needed
  • Choice of lender
  • Choice of competitive rates, including flexible mortgage
  • Self certification of income available

How To Apply: –

Contact the Hanley’s Mortgage Team for free on 0800 542 8790. Alternatively, visit their website and complete their on-line secure Enquiry Form.

Mortgages through Norwich & Peterborough Building Society

N&P has been providing self-build, renovation and conversion mortgages for over 15 years. Building your own home can sometimes seem a little daunting, so they have produced a comprehensive step by step guide to building your own home – from designing your dream property right through to arranging a removal service to help you move in.

Their self-build mortgage helps you buy the land and pay for the construction as your home takes shape, and money is released in up to seven stages to help you control your cashflow.

For further information please visit their website.

Mortgages through Melton Mowbray Building Society

Recognising the significant opportunities the self build market has to offer, the Melton has launched a self build mortgage product specifically designed for people building their own homes.

To view the Melton Self Build mortgage product please – click here 

Alternatively, in partnership with BuildStore, The Melton Mowbray Building Society can provide mortgages for self build, renovation and conversion projects.  In 2010 we launched an Eco Mortgage in conjunction with Buildstore. This mortgage product is for eco build and renovation projects offering homebuilders a funding option focusing on the 3 important elements: building fabric, energy generation and energy performance.

For more information visit the Buildstore website or speak to a selfbuild finance expert at BuildStore on 0845 223 4888


Nationwide – Green additional borrowing rates (Existing Nationwide Mortgage Customers only)

Nationwide have a range of two year Green Additional Borrowing mortgage products with a preferential rate designed for customers looking to make energy efficient improvements to their home.

To find out more please click here.

ReEnergise Finanace – Energy Finance for your home

Finding the money to pay for the installation of an energy efficiency or renewable energy system for your home can put you off the whole idea of investing in a controllable energy future.

So ReEnergise Finance is developing a range of options to help you take advantage of the benefits of cheaper and cleaner energy supplies without paying the whole cost upfront.

These will not be too good to be true ‘free energy’ offers but fairly priced, sensibly designed loans with extended terms of repayment to reflect the long-term nature of your investment.

Re-Energise aim to support you now and in the future as you benefit from your decisions to take control of your energy.

They are aiming to have the scheme for homeowners ready for Spring 2014.

For more information please click here.