H.D. Services became incorporated as a limited company in 1988.  The company was formed by Frank Harris, a Civil Engineer experienced in soil mechanics and well drilling.  The company initially focused on drilling water supply and soakaway boreholes and has developed their own range of sewage treatment systems, the HD-SM.

H.D. Services recognised the compatibility between the construction of water supply boreholes and the growing Renewable Energy market.  Following attendance at a European Seminar on ground source heat pumps (GSHP), and after much research, H.D. Services decided to invest in the Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump market (also known as Water Source Heat Pumps).

We are a fully accredited MCS company and subscribe to the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), which means that customers can be assured of a high quality installation service by a registered installer. Use of an MCS registered installer means your installation may also be eligible for financial support via the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) due to launch in Spring 2014.

The company works hard to ensure that the highest quality workmanship and service is delivered to our customers/clients and we take pride in our approach to our work. We do not employ external consultants to design, agents to sell or sub-contractor labour to install – all work is completed in-house.

How we work

We have a partnering agreement with a British manufacturer with whom we work closely to ensure the highest quality installation and service.  As this type of renewable heating system is best suited to new homes with under-floor heating, we have focused our attention on the new-build market.  Due, however, to the development of new under-floor heating technology, H.D. Services has expanded into the retrofit market.

We aim to provide the highest quality Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump service available in South East England.  Our customers rely on our advice and flexibility to suit their individual requirements and we associate ourselves with like-minded suppliers.  H.D. Services is committed to completing contracts on time.

All drilling works associated with the installation of our Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump systems are undertaken by our fully qualified staff.  The company has been constructing water supply and soakaway boreholes throughout South East England since 1984 and we have been members of the Well Drillers Association since 1988. We operate cable-tool percussion drilling rigs only, the drilling method acknowledged by the Environment Agency as the most suitable way to drill the chalk aquifer.

With our vast knowledge of the hydro-geology throughout South East England we can often confirm the feasibility of a proposed installation upon the receipt of a site postcode.

H.D.Services Ltd. are BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 registered.