Financial benefits include:

Lower running costs – The heat pumps have a high (CoP) meaning lower running costs in comparison to other heat pump technologies.

Reduced rate VAT5% VAT is charged on the installation of Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Independent Water Supply because of an independent water supply, mains water may not be required.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)eligible installations could receive financial support from the government subsidised RHI.

General benefits include:

Hot water up to 65°C all year round The heat pump can provide a constant hot water suppply without affecting power consumption or efficiency.

All water needs are met water could be filtered for drinking (subject to analysis) and the discharge could be used for garden irrigation and other uses.

Minimal visual impact to your property and garden Just a manhole cover for borehole access. The heat pump is no bigger than a large fridge.

Compatible with low temperature radiators and under floor heating

MCS AccreditedH.D. Services Ltd and the heat pumps we install are MCS accredited.

National Support Network MCS hold a national list of approved and accredited installers.

High system efficiency throughout the yearDue to constant underground water temperatures high efficiencies can be maintained all year.

Reduced CO2 The heat pumps we install produce less CO2 than even the most efficient condensing gas boiler.