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H.D. Services Ltd only install SOLECO Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs).  SOLECO GSHP’s are dedicated Open-Loop heat pumps.  They are designed to use water as a heat source and do not require the addition of filters to the system.  These heat pumps are more efficient than converted and standard closed-loop heat pumps.

SOLECO heat pumps are only available through their network of MCS approved installers.  Your installer will manage the whole process for you from arranging the hydrogeological report to installation.  All SOLECO installers have been trained in the installation and maintenance of SOLECO products.

SOLECO Heat Pumps is a trading name of Refcool Refrigeration Ltd  based in DeHeat Pump Close Upvon.  They offer products that combine the highest heating efficiency with an innovative, low cost, low carbon cooling system to ensure excellent performance and all year round comfort.  The heat pumps are made to order and are not available to buy ‘off the shelf’. There are three standard sizes availalble: 12kW, 18kW and 26kW.

For details of SOLECO MCS installers in your local area please call 0845 0953 300. Alternatively visit the MCS website for a full list of approved MCS installers.  Always look out for the MCS certification mark when conducting an independent search for an installer.

For further information regarding SOLECO heat pumps, please visit the website.